Snippet of search etsy product test

Just a testing snippet passing along if it could help.
was going to end with a screenshot of image got stopped there. had to move on.

OpenBrowser Chrome “

Click Text “Search for anything”

Write “Custom embroidered jackets”


Click Button “Sort by:”

Click Text “Top reviews”

Click Image {Item1}

Scroll 3

RunCommand -Screenshot always

Hi Rise, I’m checking the scenario, I’ll inform you soon.

Hi @rise

I’m asking to fully understand the sceanario you want to run. Do you want to click on the first image on the site and then scroll? Could you please clarify exactly what you want to do in the final step?

RunCommand is used to open a file on your computer.

Example: RunCommand “notepad.exe” “test.txt”
Description: Opens the ‘test.txt’ file in Notepad on Windows.

Example: RunCommand “open” “-a Notes”
Description: Launches the Notes application on Mac.

Example: RunCommand ‘“D:\Quality Museum\U-xer\Other\My Spread Sheet.xlsx”’ -useshell true
Description: Open a specific Excel file on your computer. If there is a space in the path, enclose the entire path in a this exact quotation mark structure → ‘“here is my path’”
You can do this only in code editor mode.

Check out the documentation below, There are many example scenarios and videos that I believe could be useful to you.

:page_facing_up: Knowledge Base - u-xer community

So the run was going to be find top rated products (use for any category), get sold quantity, get price point, get description. to then place on a list for google doc. yes the scroll was to click on the image, I wanted to get a clear shot of the image for no confusion. Thanks a ton !

Hi @rise ,

Can you take a look at this? @Seray Prepared it for you which may help you.

If it doesn’t work, lets come together, we can work for your use case :slight_smile: Thanks!