Runcommand Scenario started successfully but there is no output

Hi, I’m trying to run command that extraxt all images from a folder into a csv file. It worked when I run the commands in command prompt but not via the scenario. here are the commands:
RunCommand “cd C:\Users\samis\Downloads\product_images”

RunCommand “for /f “delims=” %i in (‘dir /b *.jpg ^| findstr /v /i “[-s.jpg](http://-s.jpg/) [-f.jpg](http://-f.jpg/)”’) do @echo %~ni >> product-images.csv

if you can make a small video and send i will help you fix the error

Hi @samisraeli

Here is the working command for me: I will share a video recording soon.
I have png files in the folder and all the names added to files.csv.
One important point is that after running the scenario, I had to refresh the windows folder to see that files.csv is created.

RunCommand "cmd.exe" '/c "cd /d D:\Quality Museum\U-xer\Test && dir /b *.png > files.csv"'

Additional points about RunCommand. It is not exact CMD replica. It is a .Net process. So if you use chat GPT to translate CMD command to a single .net process command, it will give you what you need to put to U-xer RunCommand.

I created a different post for this: