Write All Image Names into a CSV File by Turning CMD/Terminal Commands into U-xer's RunCommand Action

RunCommand is a powerful action designed for advanced users. It acts like an internal terminal/cmd built into U-xer, allowing you to perform tasks that you would typically do with terminal/cmd. RunCommand is not an exact replica of terminal/cmd but a .NET process executor, so you need to convert terminal/cmd commands into .NET process commands.

Steps to Follow:
1. Ensure your commands work in terminal/cmd.
2. Translate them into .NET process commands.
3. Verify the path and quotation marks are correct.

My Terminal/CMD Commands:

cd /d "D:\Quality Museum\U-xer\Test"
dir /b *.png > files.csv

ChatGPT Prompt:
Convert these commands into a single .NET process command that takes command and argument parameters.

Command: cmd.exe
Arguments: /c cd /d "D:\Quality Museum\U-xer\Test" && dir /b *.png > files.csv