Passing variables to scenarios via webhook

It would be great to be able to use variables in scenarios e.g. open browser to url: {URL} log in with :{username} and {password}

Then to be able to have a webhook for that scenario to execute it and pass the data in. This would make it easy to integrate into other tech stacks and automations.

Practical elements:
Ability to trigger specific scenario with webhook (maybe have a webhook button for each to get a link)
Webhook response - could either be the status (200 executed successfully, failed etc) or allow the user to specify and add additional json data e.g. images or other data from the execution etc.

My workflow is using uxer API, set parameter value first, then run the related scenario/multiple specific steps. You can DM Zek or other staff for API access.

By using global parameters and API, you don’t get restricted by “scenario”, you can jump around steps in different scenario.

Hi @mchaudhry ,

Please check you DM for details.


Hi @Zekeriya … could I have access to the API please?

Here is the API docs.


I’ve managed to fire a webhook to run a scenario.

Could someone please add some information on how I might send some parameters (variable) that could be used in the scenario please?


Hi @Pazza ,

  1. You first need to have a parameter used in your scenario
    How to create a Parameter in U-xer?

  2. Then you can update the parameter before running a scenario using this API

2.A First find the information of an exising parameters such as owner ID, account ID. You can use below API to get it.

2.B. Then use this API to set new value

“name”: “TestParameter”,
“description”: “”,
“ownerId”: “c2b744b5-3ep9-455c-a793-88b998875d3a”,
“value”: “New Parameter value”,
“isVisible”: false,
“isOutput”: false,
“variableType”: “String”,
“ownerType”: “Project”,
“accountId”: “74b6aiaf-a510-4469-b165-6a43242c4393”

  1. Check if the value is updated in the parameter list.
    Important note: Don’t use default parameters (ImageParameter, ProjectParameter)

  1. You are ready to run your scenario!


Many thanks for the information.

I can now assign a parameter using swagger, however, I cannot get it to work in Make.

HTTP5 - performs the GET /api/Parameter/{name}
JSON9 - breaks the json into bundles
JSON12 - maps the bundles back to json - this is so I map everything EXCEPT value which I can then specify the value I want to use.

HTTP8 - performs the POST /api/Parameter command.

All looks good on the output, but I get some error results and the parameter value is not updated is I refresh the page with the U-xer interface.

Any thoughts?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Hi @Pazza ,

I see that you are missing some values like
“isVisible”: false,
“isOutput”: false,

Could you please make sure you have all the parameters as stated in the example?


I originally had all the parameters, without luck and then tried to only have the ones that I wanted to change.
No matter what I included it did not work.
It did work in postbox, or swagger so the issue lies in Make.
I gave up but will continue later.
If I determine the reason, I will post a response here to close it out.
Thanks for replying!