How to use the API to run a scenario?


Firstly, what a fantastic tool!
I would like to be able to run scenarios from Make rather than from the browser interface.
I’ve seen the API page but could you provide a simple example of what is required?
I am a no-code user!

Many thanks

For to authenticate your APIs, you can use

POST /api/Auth/login

  "email": "string",
  "password": "string"

There are 2 step.

  1. Get your bearer token (api/auth/login) and authorize in the swagger page/api client.

  2. Find and call api/scenario/run/{scenario id}.

  1. Get your token code by executing this call, enter your details by clicking try it out.

  1. Click the padlock icon, enter your token code, and enter the scenario ID that you want to run.

Hi Pazza,

We will send you more detailed explanation on your mailbox.

Thank you!

Hi Zekeriya,
Could you send them to me too?


We are preparing a better documentation for the APIs. Will share you when it is ready.


Can you let me/us know where the account id can be found so we can authorise the API calls?


Hi @pritcham,

I tried but I was not able to do it by myself as well :slight_smile: I need to learn this from the team :slight_smile:

However, as a workaround you can get your token directly from browser after login:

Then you need to give it as an authentication bearer {Token} in the header. I suppose you know this part?