Creating Dalle 4 images for free. How can i download these 4 pictures?

I made a scenario, which types a prompt in the bing image search and creates 4 pictures. On the next page i want to download these. To do this in high resolution i have to click on the picture and download it on the next page. Any ideas how to do this easily. This is the page if you wanna try by yourself.

Update, i somehow solved this now. I searched for the powered by dalle and clicked 30 pixels above, then it’s clicking on the last picture and I can cycle through.

Hi Alexander,

I’m glad you solved your problem. We have received your question. We will prepare a good answer anyway because this is an important question. That’s why it takes some time.

Thanks for reaching us!

Thanks for your answer. U-xer is just an amazing piece of software, i almost got everything automated so far. I sometimes have limitatations, especially with dynamic content on the website. Right now i try to automatically answer my youtube comments in the youtube studio comment page with chatgpt.

@alexander.marci ,

It is correct that when there is no pattern, you are limited to get what you want.

But please see an alternative solution.

As you may already understand, alternative solutions I offer, are not very user friendly, but it works :slight_smile: