Text with no pattern?

How would I simply get the price of a crypto, there is no pattern that I can see, it is just a string with no label or text in front of it? I simply want the price of the crypto at the link below stored in a parameter so I can paste it somewhere else.


Hi Pierson,

It was a hard question.

There is no direct way of getting things without anything using computer vision.

But I found a tricky solution.

  1. Copy paste the below steps in code editor mode.
  2. Delete the {MyText} on the 6th and 7th line.
  3. Create a new parameter (MyText) and put it on the 6th and 7th lines. See parameter documentation for details.
OpenBrowser Chrome "https://www.coinscan.com/tokens/bsc/0x701F1ed50Aa5e784B8Fb89d1Ba05cCCd627839a7"
IsVisible Text "CATA Price"
Write "document.querySelector('.e6kb1160.css-1b45hoh').innerText = "My Text: " + document.querySelector('.e6kb1160.css-1b45hoh').innerText;"
SendKeys ENTER
GetText "My Text: {MyText}"
Write {MyText}

Hi Pierson,

Unfortunately there is no documentation. The solution I provided is also a workaround and not straight forward. But I will take a short video and explain the idea.

Before the video, I will explain the context:

By using javascript code on the google console, I added “My Text:” just in front of the field that you wanted to take. Only then, I used GetText “MyText: {myparameter}” function to get the expected text