What's new on 2024-05-19?

Please find the changes on 2024-05-19.

New Features

  • Password parameters are now hidden
  • Windows Agent: Start agent on Windows startup
  • Windows Agent: Connect/Disconnect and New Version buttons will be visible when available
  • Delete multiple reports
  • Show image parameters in scenario editor
  • Activate/Deactivate multiple steps
  • Add an Active/Passive toggle to Job on the Project page

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where parameters couldn’t be saved without a description
  • Fixed issue where image parameters saved with a space didn’t work
  • Changed pop-up message when scenario starts from “Scenario run successfully” to “Scenario started successfully” to prevent misunderstandings
  • Fixed issue with navigating to a URL on Edge Browser
  • Fixed issue with inviting a non-existing user to a project
  • Fixed issue where SendKeys couldn’t be updated
  • Fixed issue with using single SendKeys shortcuts

Please refer to the video for a detailed overview of the changelog.

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Will U-xer be able to run automations on the popular GoHighLevel marketing agency software? More specifically, I would very much appreciate web automations for:

  1. Logging to GHL,
  2. Going into a clients subaccount
  3. Blogging in the GHL subaccount
  4. Posting social media content on a GHL subaccount.

I appreciate any feedback you can offer.

Zack Cockfield
Newtomedia CEO
[email protected]

Hi @zack ,

U-xer works on anything visible on the screen, so the short answer is yes.

Although U-xer is very flexible and can provide solutions for most cases, it is always better to try and see. Technically, I can do everything with any tool since I am a technical person, but the main question is whether it is worth spending that time to automate.

So, my advice is to try and see.

Can I set up a tutoring session with someone at U-xer?

Please check your DM.