Stepping in to U-Xer World :-)

Just a few days ago, U-Xer made its debut on AppSumo.

I was checking out the demo by the founder, Zek, who mentioned,

“You can automate anything you see on your screen.” This really caught my eye! ![:eyes:

I’ve been using various RPA tools for my clients. :hammer_and_wrench:

To be honest, other RPA tools took a while to learn and build my first automation!.

Few days back, I gave U-Xer a whirl and I must say, I’m impressed by its simplicity.

Within just an hour, I set up a ‘Facebook Group Post Scheduler’—and guess what? You don’t even have to be an admin to use it!

The AI-driven generation of RPA scenario steps is nothing short of impressive and very functional. :robot:

:+1:It was easier to pick up compared to other products, though there’s always room for some tweaks and improvements.

But yes, it definitely seems like it could start paying off right after purchase.

:mag:I’m already brainstorming various RPA use cases for myself and my clients.
:camera_flash: Take a look at the screenshots below to see how I set up my simple Facebook Group Post Scheduler.

:movie_camera:Stay tuned! I’ll soon be recording a video to show you how to implement this use case from start to finish—hopefully, it’ll be useful for many who started using U-xer…

:speech_balloon:My first impression of U-Xer is positive! How about you? Have you tried it yet? What do you think?


I have been the user of U-xer the day it launched on appsumo. I can say as my first automation tool i am really impress because its me doing the work without me sitting in front of computer all day clicking the same thing again and again. I have automated alot of things online. Yes there is some limitations but there is no tool yet what U-xer can do

Could you guys post some example processes? This place should be full of examples already if it was so easy! :slight_smile:
I am still struggling a little bit I must say. I don’t find it that easy but I guess it’ll get better…

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That is definitely a fair ask :slight_smile: I think we need to add more examples here. I will think about a solution for this!

No worries i am here to help l have uploaded today linkedin autolike and comments on random profiles