Scrape links

How can I scrape links from a page, loop through each link, open them, and extract data from each page and save it to csv or google sheet?


This is not the best tool for scraping complete websites. I found regular tools like selenium and playwright based tools better for this purposes.

However, If you’d like to see better scraping, we may prioritize it using AI and can do really good :slight_smile:

You can submit your request here: 💡 Suggest A Feature - u-xer community.

We currently have these capabilities. We can extract data from the screen using the GetText option. Additionally, I believe the following examples could be helpful for you.


OpenBrowser Chrome “
Wait Text “Your Randomly”
Scroll 5
GetText “Email Address {EmailAddressParam1}” -XSpace 250
GetText “Username {UsernameParam1}” -XSpace 250
GetText “Password {PasswordParam1}” -XSpace 250
GetText “Website {WebsiteParam1}” -XSpace 250
RunCommand “Notepad.exe”
Write {EmailAddressParam1}
SendKeys ENTER
Write {UsernameParam1}
SendKeys ENTER
Write {PasswordParam1}
SendKeys ENTER
Write {WebsiteParam1}

You can review more examples from the link below:

📄 Knowledge Base - u-xer community

Let me know if you need anything else!