Realistic Typing Speed and/or Actions

It’d be nice if the “typing” was capable of being slowed in some capacity as apposed to just copy and pasting into a field.

For instance, testing this with typing Pinterest “tags” - when copy and pasted, the userfield to click sometimes shows up, sometimes shows irrelevant information, and often doesn’t show anything at all because ux-er is too fast :smiley:

Hi @thinkaboutsearch ,

I tried in pinterest and seems regular write function works. Could you check my steps and see if you I am doing anything different then yours?

I’m specifically referring to when you go to “create” a pin - ie, you add the image and then under:

“Tagged topics”


The maximum number of tags you can submit is 10.

U-xer can easily find the field, type the information you tell it too, click the populated, and click the option you tell it too, etc. BUT not often accurately due to anti-spam from pinterest.

From what I can see it’s because the text is written too fast by u-xer.

Ok, I understood you better and we might have a solution for that.

Rather then Write action, you can use multiple SendKeys action to simulate more human like acitons as stated here. For example below action will type only three letters.
Then you can send another Sendkeys action “L” and “O” to complete “HELLO”

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Cheers will give this a go tomorrow and report back - appreciate the fast replies here too!

Not many software solutions are this responsive.

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