Read all PDFs from a folder and write to a spreadsheet

In this video, we are going to open a folder, open the first PDF file, read the data inside it, and then transfer the data to a spreadsheet.

Disclaimer: Video is only for one file, if you schedule the scenario, it can run over and over again. And also, File format is important when reading. Depends on the scenario you may or may not read the data.

You can simply copy and paste the scenario below and run it immediately. There are parameters and paths you need to change manually. The entire process will take around 3 to 4 minutes in total.

RunCommand “cmd.exe” ‘/c start “” “D:\Quality Museum\U-xer\Other”’
Click Text “Sample PDF” -Double true
GetText “Name: {Name}”
GetText “Surname: {Surname}”
GetText “Email: {Email}”
RunCommand “cmd.exe” ‘/c start excel.exe “D:\Quality Museum\U-xer\Other\My Spread Sheet.xlsx”’
IsVisible Text “Home”
Write {Name}
SendKeys RIGHT
Write {Surname}
SendKeys RIGHT
Write {Email}
SendKeys DOWN
SendKeys LEFT -Repeat 3
RunCommand “cmd.exe” ‘/c start “” “D:\Quality Museum\U-xer\Other”’