Quick question about IsVisible and WhenFails

If IsVisible is false, I want to make the scenario fails/stop.

Or IsVisible is false, I want to skip steps or run from specific step.

How can I do that?

For context

1 - open folder (new window)
2 - is there a pdf file
3 - if true, print the pdf
4 - close window

If step 2 return false, either I want to make the scenario fails/stop or jump to step 4 and skip step 3.

Hi @bukit ,

At the moment, Scenario should already fail and stop when IsVisible fails.

For example

  1. IsVisible Text “Hello”
  2. Click Text “Welcome”

If hello is not visible on the screen scenario will fail and stop, and 2. step will not run.

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Thank you for the answer.

Just curious, if I put the steps in an addon, does it trigger scenario fails or just the addon? If the scenario have multiple addon. Can I make the addon fail, not the scenario?

I’m interested in a jump and skip workaround.

For context, let’s say I create a folder monitoring scenario

I have multiple folder, and the steps in my first post is an addon.

So, when I run the scenario, it will check folder/addon #1, if it fail, it will fail the current step in that folder/addon and continue to the next folder/addon #2 and so on.

Hi Bukit,

I think I didn’t get your question clearly. Can you record a video or explain in a different way?

Ok will do that tomorrow

If IsVisible = false, scenario v1 fail and would not continue to step 3-18

Now for scenario v2


with addon detail

If isVisible = false, it will not run step 2 addon B, and step 3 addon C

I need a workaround, if only addon A = fail, it should continue the steps in scenario v2.

I don’t want to create a scenario (with 6 steps) x 3.

Did you try this?
It worked for me. first addon failed and continued with the second addon.

Why didn’t I think of that :face_exhaling: sorry for the troubles, need to really grasp the option functions.

Hopefully would help when someone read this thread.

That’s definitely fine :slight_smile: I am sure it will help the community!