Questions regarding scenarios and functions

Hello, I saw your app on appsumo and I decided to open up a free account to test it against zerowork before I buy my codes

I’m having a few issues that I hope you can help me with

First, What I’m trying to do is have the bot go to cloud AI ask it to continue writing copy go to Google docs paste rinse and repeat.

The issues im facing are

  1. that it seems I cant go back and forth between two tabs in chrome and that each time it has to go and open a new tab?

  2. When i tell the system to wait at step 3 and 6 , then I make any changes to other steps or add a new unrelated step they get sent from step 3 and 6 to the very bottom of the scenario and then i have to drag them all the way back to their original places.

  3. I would like for the scenario to repeat. Copy and past between the two tabs unfortunately anytime i add the last step as scenario and choose the scenario I created the whole thing refuses to run

  4. The scroll feature doesn’t seem to work? I want it when it goes to the google docs to scroll to the bottom of the document and paste…but nothing happens your AI suggested to set it to -100 but that doesn’t seem to work?

Oh and is there a way to have the system open a normal chrome tab instead of incognito?

Thanks for your time and help

Hi @zed , Thanks for the question. Please find my answers below

  1. It can go back and forth between tabs like a human. Use keyboard shortcuts or click the name on the tab.

  2. There is no such options to wait. Could you please send a video about that? That sounds like a misunderstanding.

  3. “Copy and paste between two tabs” what do you mean by that. Could you please add a video about this also?

  4. Scroll works only when the mouse is on the right position. Same as you are using your mouse.
    Scroll 100 should work and I have tested it.

  5. Yes.

Thanks for the answers.

  1. Thanks but im still confused on how to do that. is there a video tutorial somewhere or maybe a step by step guide? what keyboard short cut would let me go back and forth between the tabs on chrome and what do you meant by click the name on the tab, like how does that work? sorry very new to this.

2.I will attach a photo to what I mean

These two are again pushed down to the bottom of the tasks in the scenario where they should be at for example step 3 and 6.

  1. So imagine two tabs are open on chrome. tab1 generates written content tab2 is to paste the content on it. so I want it to
    1.go to tab1
    2.write prompt for AI

  2. copy prompt

  3. go to tab2
    5.scroll down
    7.go back to tab1
    and repeat the process as much as needed.

  4. ok so do I have to place my mouse in a specific place and leave it there? also will 100 scroll down? because AI suggested -100 and i have been using that.

Thanks again for all the help

I see what you are trying to do now and see that you need to take a look at the examples.

  1. You can look at the examples here stated in the knowledge base. There is also an example with chatgpt and google sheet.

  1. There is a complete example project to help you understand who each action is used. You can also take a look at them.