Monitoring in U-xer

On the Monitor page, you can view scenarios or jobs that have run in the past, are currently running, and are scheduled to run in the future. Additionally, You can view the number of currently connected agents and the total number of agents.

  • Currently running scenarios: The number of scenarios currently being executed.
  • Currently running jobs: The number of jobs currently being executed.
  • Total scenario runs: Number of scenario runs executed in the last 24 hours.
  • Total job runs: Number of job runs executed in the last 24 hours.

There are three different tabs on the monitor page: Running, Latest and Scheduled

a. Running:
The currently running jobs are monitored. The number of successful , failed scenarios and scenarios in queue is displayed when hovering over the progress bar in the scenario.

b. Latest:
The scenarios or jobs that have been completed within the last 7 days are listed.

c. Scheduled:
The scheduled jobs for future execution are listed. In the Next run column, the scheduled date and time for the job execution are displayed.