Keptr + U-xer together - Real Time Dashboard for team/client

[Just to share] :star2:My Use Case - Kaptr + U-xer for Real-Time Dashboard Views !

Kaptr ![:camera_flash:| Captures dynamic screenshots from any website. However, you have to click the ‘Refresh all’ button manually to fetch the latest data from the site.

U-xer ![:robot: An easy-to-use RPA tool where steps can be written in a cool, user-friendly way. It clicks the ‘Refresh all’ button every 5 minutes for you.

Outcome: My client gets a real-time view of the dashboard at all times (in my case, it’s a Google Sheet with shared Zoom bookings). Kaptr captures the data while U-xer automates the ‘Refresh all’ clicks.

:sparkles: It’s working like magic for me! ![:sparkles:

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Thanks for Sharing @amazingautomations00 :slight_smile:

@Zekeriya My pleasure to contribute - Sam J

shoot! this is a great use case.

too bad I didn’t buy exactly because i have to refresh it manually :see_no_evil: