I mass text messaged my family while I was asleep (For Macs)

Hey guys,
I was messing around on Father’s Day & created a workflow that goes into Chat GPT, crafts a text message, then messages my dad, my brother in law, and a few of my employees a happy Father’s day in a natural tone, then it quits the text messaging application. (The Chat GPT prompt is hilarious but it worked for me).

I had to invent a keystroke on my Mac that launches iMessage for this to work, so I used “automator” developed by Apple in order to make this work. This application should already be included in your mac.

After I set that up I crafted my automation:

Click Text “ChatGPT”
Click Text “Message ChatGPT”
Write “up with a friendly text message I can send my Dad for Father’s day. Do not use any Redneck terminology. Keep it short and friendly, use some New York slang in your text message as if you’re a male that is 35 years old living in the hood. Make it sound like a good wish from Eric, make it sound natural, do not use emoji’s.”
Delay 14000
Click Image {Copy}
Click Text “Dad” [1]
SendKeys PASTE
SendKeys ENTER
SendKeys CMD VK_Q

In order to select my dad’s name properly, I pinned his text message to the top of my messages (along with a few others). Then I created a job with this flow with each contact, but I just simply changed who to select. It was quite easy to replicate it for the other contacts.

The response and reply backs I got were crazy, and I slept until 12pm LOL.

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Hahahah i know what replies you talking about. I did same with my friends on eid day and they were shocked with level of english i was speaking. All thanks to GPT and U-xer