How to extract text (advanced)?

  1. How to get the number 56 in a text “56 tools”?

  2. How to get the number 56789 in “tools (56789)”?

  3. How to get the text (multi-line address) in
    34 street blablabla
    State blablabla
    Country Postal code "

and update parameter value for each?

Hi @bukit ,
You can write your steps like below

1- GetText “{parameter1} tools”

2- GetText “tools ({parameter1})”
**We have a bug related to this; I’ll inform you when it’s resolved. Currently, it will extract the parameter as (56789).

3- For now, we can’t perform GetText Below, but it’s already among our future tasks. Could you add it to the future requests to prioritize it?

Thanks for your questions,

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