How to add an attachment in Gmail


Could you give an example of how to add an attachment in gmail?

I’ve got as far as using the keyboard shortcut to open the dialog box to select the file to be attached, but when using either the “Click button [0]” or “SendKeys ENTER” functions it ends up opening the file rather than attaching it.

Also, I’ve noticed that the examples you have for sending emails through gmail usually fail as they don’t wait for the “pop up” where you create the actual email to appear so they attempt to type the email address into the screen which clearly doesn’t work. I’ve worked around that by adding a “Wait Text “New Message” [0]” command/step, but even then that doesn’t always work (despite the logger suggesting it has) - not sure how to debug things when it’s not working so any help on that point would be appreciated.


Hi @pritcham

Here is a post prepared for you!

Let me know if it solves your problems!


Sorry for the late reply, been a little busy.

Just had chance to check this and it works perfectly.

It appears (I guess) that using the keyboard shortcut (CTRL O) to open the “Add attachment” file caused an issue when clicking the “Open” file button resulting in the file being opened rather than attached.

Thanks a lot for the detailed reply and video, much appreciated