How do you navigate between other URLS?

How do you open another URL in the same Chrome non-incognito or incognito window which was opened by u-xer ? for example URL was open as but now need to redirect to

PS: Please do not ask to send keys command to change URL - that’s just counter intuitive.

Hi @billowingpine4262,

You can use to click “+” Icon to open new tab just like a human would do. Then if you want to go back to previous tab, click the tab using the tab name.

You can copy and paste the following scenario, personalize it with your preferred links, and run it.

OpenBrowser Chrome -Incognito false
Write “
SendKeys ENTER
Click Image {PlusIcon}
Write “
SendKeys ENTER
Click Text “Google”

Before running the scenario, it’s necessary to define scenario parameters as images on your own screens. You can see how to create an image parameter below link.