Hi all, can't even hide how excited I am working with U-xer!

My name is Kc
:raising_hand_man: Your identity and background. I’m Puerto Rican , 2nd generation American.
:briefcase: Your current professional or personal projects. I’m a practical nurse, own a nurse staffing agency and a business consultancy.
:rocket: What obstacles are you encountering that may be affecting your progress? The list goes on and on, never had formal training in anything in the world of tech, but with the latest access to information we have been gifted with, I have taken full advantage of. I have always dreamed to know what I know even to my novice level. Look forward to a future filled with more knowledge and experience. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this journey.
:hugs: Areas where you can lend your expertise or passions. My creativity and slightly obsessive mindset when it comes to creation and results. I very much enjoy helping others, so if i can i will. Be well, all!


Amazing to see you here KC! :slight_smile:


Hi @rise

We are equally excited.

Here are a few teasers that might increase your cusriosity even more:

RunCommand “open -a Terminal”
Delay 2000
Write “pip install httpserver”
SendKeys ENTER
Delay 10000
Write “python -m http.server”
SendKeys ENTER

Another One:

RunCommand “curl -o ~/Desktop/22.txt -H “User-Agent: MyCustomUserAgent” http://httpbin.org/headers
RunCommand “cat ~/Desktop/22.txt | pbcopy”