Gettin my CAD software ready before I start work

Saw this on app sumo while looking for ways to automate some of my repitive daily tasks but could not think of anything straight away, then remembered every morning I have to log into my CAD which has a cryptic password so have to open the software, open chrom, access my password manager, copy the pass, go back to my CAD, type email, paste password the wait for the connection for it to log in, timing it all today it takes about 3 minutes overall.

I couldn’t get U-Xer to recognise my start menu button so was stumped but after a look over all the items I came out with this.

SendKeys RWIN RWIN -WaitAfter 0
Write “Winn” -WaitAfter 0
SendKeys ENTER ENTER -WaitAfter 9000
Write “##Email##” -WaitAfter 0
Write “##Password##” -WaitAfter 0

The job runs 30 mins before I start working so I have my PC booted up ready and when i sit down, my CAD is open waiting for me. Sure it only saves 13 Hours a year, but thats more then one working day saved of staring at my screen so if I can get some other bits down…

Just trying to work out how I can get it so reconsile my recipts to my acconting software now haha

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Cool workflow, that’s given me a few ideas. Thanks.

hello, it is not saving 13 hours a day but more. taking into account the rule that you need at least 12 minutes to be back on flow, it makes 3 minutes plus 12 minutes to get on the job with right pace and focus. it saves you a lot of time to make your engine running. 15 minutes a day at least. that makes a huge difference.

Hi @kawomado, Welcome to community! :slight_smile:

Just curious, did you also created something similar for yourself?