File/Folder functions

Many scenarious need the ability to run a set of actions against all (or some) files contained on the local machine that the agent is running on (for example, a “to invoice” folder that contains a number of different documents.

There doesn’t appear to be a way to achieve this currently so the suggestion would be to add the following function(s)

function: FileList “folder name/location” “file filter”

e.g. FileList "c:\users\me\to invoice" “*.docx”

function: ForEachFile … Loop/next
This would iterate over the list of matching files found using the FileList function so you can carry the same series of steps out against each of the files.

OpenBrowser Chrome “” -Incognito false

FileList "c:\users\me\to invoice" “*.docx”

Wait Text “Compose”
Click Text “Compose”
Write “theEmailAddress”
Click Text “theEmailAddress” [1]
Click Text “Subject” -YMargin 100
Click Text “Attach Files” FileName

Hope that makes sense