Comment on every instagram post using ChatGPT 4o!

In this scenario, we will

  • Go to Instagram Home Page
  • Take a screenshot of the whole screen
  • Paste the image to ChatGPT and write your promt
  • Copy the response from ChatGPT
  • Return back to Instagram and paste your comment

Before running the scenario, it’s necessary to define scenario parameters as images on your own screens. You can see how to create an image parameter in this video.

Scroll 3 -UntilVisible Text “Add a comment”
Click Text “Add a comment”
Click Text “ChatGPT”
Click Text “Message ChatGPT”
SendKeys CONTROL VK_V -WaitAfter 3000
Write “Give me a comment for this post without anything else so that I can copy and paste.”
SendKeys ENTER
IsVisible Image {ResponseBody}
Click Image {CopyIcon}
Click Text “Instagram”
SendKeys ENTER
Wait Text “Add a comment”
Write “DummyText”
MoveMouseTo Text “Post”

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