Clicklock / ClickAndHold

There’s a built-in feature in Windows that can mimic ClickAndHold


Need this feature to extract text from image at specific coordinate using OCR chrome extension.

Workflow example

Click Image {OCR_Button}
Click Text “XXX” -YMargin 13 -XMargin -55 //This is top left
Click Text “YYY” -YMargin -37 -XMargin -3 //This is bottom right

Global use case would be drag (first click) and drop (second click).

Hi Bukit,
Thanks for the suggestion, this might be useful.

I just wanted to add that we don’t need and additional OCR plugin since we have already a built in OCR and it is not working only in browser but in OS level.

Hi Zek, sent you a video for my use case, hopefully I won’t be needing the OCR plugin…

Yes please! I have an exact use case for this as well.

So… for my use case, I’m transfering money to my suppliers. And so far the process to take screenshot of a specific part of the screen has to be done manually – this is to create money transfer proof to be sent to suppliers.

If this click and hold feature is available, I can finally automate this part as well.


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