Can a taskbot be trained like recording a macro in MS Word?

I am just wondering if u-xer could be set up in such a way that I hit a “record” button and it just follows the actions I take and records them until I hit the “stop” button and then translates those actions into a new taskbot?

Suggestions from my asking ChatGPT just now:

I’ve not yet had time to really understand the app or set up my first taskbot. This initial learning always seems to take the most time.

Have you considered, or are you already doing, any live, interactive webinars/trainings where you walk new users through creating their first couple of taskbots?

Hi Peter,

There are many tools out there with the recording option. It looks like a great feature but when you really try that, you see it is not very reliable and it will not get what you want.

And then you start writing your steps one by one.

What you can do with U-xer is you can use U-xer assistant to turn your actions to U-xer steps. But this time you are also limited to give exact steps that U-xer can understand. And then it will translate it for you.

Yes, Automation is hard and takes time. We are simplifying it with the technologies we are using. But anyway it will take time.

Please check out our knowledge base if you didn’t yet. There are different videos explaining how I create an automation scenarios.

Great reply, thank you. I appreciate your 'framing expectations" by just stating outright “automation is hard and takes time.” A great starting point so I don’t become frustrated, impatient, or disappointed if automation does not initially come easy or seems time-consuming. Very smart to frame it that way. :+1:

That said, I was thinking more of a hybrid approach to where a type of macro recording would automatically map one’s actions to U-xer steps automatically, perhaps with the help of AI, in real time, where you can see if it is mapping the steps accurately or not, and if not, one can edit them, insert missing steps, etc, preferable with the help of natural language.

Your thoughts?

I’ll take a look at your training videos. Thanks again for your helpful and insightful response.