AI content generation and Social Media Automation

Just a basic feature of this would be great.

When will we have AI content generation and Social Media Automation
Have you and your ever thought about this?


We didnt thought about this yet :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Yes, just something simple for us to add to U-Xer.
Do you think this is possbile on our roadmap?
If so, how soon? Do we get to have a poll and vote for this or how does this work lol

I am excited to be here!

There is a “suggest a feature” section in on the left sidebar. You can add your feature request there and it will be open for voting.

And coming back to the main question, yes it is definitely possible but I can’t give date at the moment. Our first priority is now complete AI automation, where you don’t need to write everything step by step. This technology is allowing us to do anything that you can do with ChatGPT like websites and can be integrated to U-xer easily when it is ready.

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