Windows agent install


Just tried to install a second agent to a new laptop.

Got a security warning which was a concern, (ignored).

I then tried to run a scenario and it failed on isVisible step. The input box was on the page.

I tried to take a screenshot to see the issue and the screenshot capture never completes.

Is there currently an issue with new agent installs?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Pazza,

Yes, there was an issue and it is fixed.

Could you please try again?

Great thanks!

The screenshot is now being taken.

Can you advise about the install security warning? I don’t recall this on the first agent I installed a month or so ago.

Thanks for getting back so quickly.

Not sure what type of security warning you get?
Avast and AVG (if I remember its name correctly) saying that “idp generic” related issues, that’s a false positive. Even though our agent is signed it still pop-ups, we searched about it and see that it can happen.

Nothing changed in our end about the security.

You can take a look discussions online as well.


Download Windows version. Double click to install…

Surely the agent needs to have a signed certificate?


We just checked and see that something gone wrong with the signing tool. We fixed it.
it should be signed now. Thanks for letting us know!

BTW, did you get my chat message? I wrote you something.