WaitAfter or Delay?

WaitAfter or Delay?

In my workflow, I send a longer text including an instruction for rewriting to OpenAI. When OpenAI has finished writing, U-xer should click on the output and copy it. In most cases everything works. However, if the writing takes longer (approx. 17,000 milliseconds and more)

Click Text “Latency” -YMargin -40

no longer works. Which instruction do I have to use to make U-xer wait?

Under Options WaitAfter? and if so, in which step?

Click Text “Run” -WaitAfter 10000

IsVisible Text “Latency” -Incognito false

Click Text “Latency” -YMargin -40

Or where should WaitAfter go and with what value?

I somehow have a knot in my brain.

Many thanks in advance


Hi @ralger01 ,

Best approach in your case is

  1. Set interval to 3000 milliseconds (Each retry will wait for 3 seconds)
  2. Set retry to 20 (Will retry the step 20 times)

Waitafter is right after the step is completed (After intervals and retries).
Deal is static, will cause longer wait times when not needed.


So because IsVisible Text “Latency” failed do I have to make these settings in this step?


Yes Ralf, These setting shoud be set for that specific step like you did here.

BTW, you can remove “-incognito false” option since it is irrelevant for IsVisible step.

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