Is there a triple click function?

I need this for playground to copy the output from ASSISTANT

Hi, we have examples where we click copy icon. Will it work for you?

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Hello Zekeriya,
thanks for the answer.
Unfortunately, does not have any icons in the output. But I have found a solution:

Click Text "Run" 
Click Text "ASSISTANT" 

But I have a new problem. When I run “run all steps” everything works fine. If my prompt causes Chat Playground to produce a lot of text, then “SendKeys CONTROL VK_A” starts before Playground has finished writing. Result; the whole page turns blue and is copied. I have tried Delay, WaitAfter and WaitBefore. But it does not work.

IsVisible Text “Latency”

This should wait until latency text appear on the screen. That you will be sure that ChatGPT response is completed.

Additionally, Delay and waitafter is in milliseconds and they should work as well. You can give something like 20000 for 20 second wait. But it is not the best solution since they will wait even all the time.