I have Automated Instagram Comments and like Using GPT vision

I became frustrated with Instagram because every time I used an extension for likes or comments, whether paid or free, downloaded from Google Chrome, my account would get suspended with errors like unusual traffic or using a third-party tool. I would have to agree to two dialog boxes to get my account back.


After two weeks of testing, I am pleased to report that thanks to uxer, I can now comment and like Instagram posts using the platform. Here’s how it works:

First, it opens Instagram based on the keywords I provide, then clicks on the first post. It likes the post by pressing the heart button, sends a shortcut to take a screenshot, and pastes it into GPT Vision. After that, it pastes the prompt from a text file into the GPT window.

GPT then analyzes the image and generates a comment. The generated comment is posted, and the process is repeated for the next post.

One day i can like and comment on 122 post.



Video is up for instagram


Thanks but I can’t see an instagram video, only a linkedin video

i will reupload it again because the video was not great

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This sounds awesome! Do you know when you’ll have the video up? Thanks for sharing.