How to Handle Remote Windows PC and VM Sessions?

To effectively run scenarios on a remote machine, the following points need to be carefully considered:

Recommended Method: Connect to a remote PC or VM via Anydesk, TeamViewer, or Chrome Remote Desktop. When using these services as opposed to an RDP connection, there are no additional steps to follow.

Tips for RDP Connection:

a. To successfully run a scenario when connected to a PC or VM using RDP, the RDP window must remain open and should not be minimized. Minimizing the screen or exiting by pressing the ‘X’ button will interrupt the scenario.

b. Running a scenario without an active RDP connection: When needing to disconnect and still run a scenario, one should exit through the agent by clicking the designated area on it.

c. After disconnecting from the RDP connection, depending on the device settings, the screen resolution may change. It is possible to monitor this via agent preview. Changes in screen resolution can alter the visible part of the application, which may require updates to the scenario.