How to automate Facebook comments expansion


When I visit a Facebook page or post, can U-xer be setup to expand all comments/replies? By mimicking clicking on: “See more”, “view all 5 replies”, etc.

Can someone please post the steps to do this? I’m new to this.
I am not sure if U-xer can even do this, because how will it know when I am on the page? It’s also not a browser extension that I can click when I visit the page.

Any help I’d appreciate it. Thanks

Hi @wiz ,

I understand you question better now.
It can’t understand that you are on the page and click the relevant buttons.

There is no such mechanism to “Start” automation whenever you are on the page. You either need to manually click the “play” icon, or schedule a job which will trigger it on a scheduled.

Other then that, this trigger will not happen whenever you are on the page.

@Zekeriya Hi, Zekeriya,

When I visit the Facebook page, I can manually click the play button, no problem. But since U-xer is not a browser extension, where is this play button? Also how to setup the instructions for the button?

I have added a screenshot. When I visit the page, I want to click any button, and U-xer should click all these highlighted to load all the replies/comments.

Play button is on the U-xer applciation page :slight_smile:

Here is the steps you can also copy and paste using code editor mode. I also marked how you can create this steps in basic mode. Steps are pretty explanotory, It will click “replies” text until it is not visible on the screen anymore. An the it will scroll 5 times, will to the same again. Make sure that your mouse is on the right window.

Click Text “replies” -UntilInvisible Text “replies”
Scroll 5
Click Text “replies” -UntilInvisible Text “replies”

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We need to download/install Windows agent first, right?

Yes, Please take a look at the getting started videos.