API call to get the screenshot from a step in the execution


I run a scenario that has the “always screenshot” enabled for a certain step. I managed to get the execution id and scenario id and the step id through API, but is there any way to get the actual screenshot that resulted when the agent executed the actual step?

I can see the screenshot in the interface, but I am wondering if there is any way to see it in the API.

Thank you

I tried it once, Tldr too much hassle, not worth the time and effort, because the screenshot url is so deep in JSON, plus once you get it, you have to run custom script to manipulate the urls.

So what are the alternatives?

  1. Add step to take screenshot
  2. Create a scenario to get the screenshot url inside uxer web interface (automating uxer with uxer)
  3. Maybe @Zekeriya can provide another solution.

I’m interested to know as well :ok_hand:

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Deeply nested in JSON is fine.

Now that I think about, I’m not only interested in the screenshot, but rather the content of the step. For example, if the step sends the keys related to copy-paste - can I see in the execution result, with the API, what is the content of the clipboard?

By the way, @bukit, there is no need to create a uxer scenario for the screenshot. There is an API endpoint that lets your agent take a screenshot and you can see it in the API. It’s something like agent/screenshot. That’s my workaround as well, but I prefer to see if it can be done more cleanly.