Ability to see "Run" on the Agent

There is 1 specific thing about Robomotion that I liked a lot, and I think this will be useful in U-xer as well.

Robomotion has Agent as well just like U-xer. The difference is, in Robomotion I can see clearly what Scenario being run currently, and at which step. This is useful because I’m using multiple screens. I would like the automation to run on my main screen, and have the Agent open on my 2nd screen.

Therefore I can inspect which step the bot is at currently, and where the problem is. Thank you

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Hi @andy.hartono ,

Take a look at the Monitoring page. It will cover most of your requirements I think.

Hi @Zekeriya yes I know about the monitoring page and also the report page.

My request here resemble more the detailed report page, than the monitoring page.

While the monitoring & reports page is great to see PREVIOUS RUNS.
They don’t cover monitoring run IN REAL TIME.

What i screenshot above regarding robomotion RPA is reporting in real time, as the automation is still running. That way, I know if it’s successfully triggered, it’s currently running which step & if there are any step that causes problem.

The reason why, sometimes, I want to monitor it LIVE, is because 1 step can take a long time. Especially in Uxer, where I experience 1 step can take about 1 minute. This is painfully long. So I don’t know whether the whole automation fail, or if a certain step is still waiting to be successfully performed.

Hopefully you can grant my wish :pray: :pray:

Thanks for explaining in such details.

I have one more question. In the reporting page, you can see current executions as much details with the steps that is running. Isn’t it what you are looking for?

The downs side of it, you need to refresh to see the execution details each time. But if we make this auto-refreshed, it seems like we can achieve your requirement.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Hi Zek, thank you for replying.

Yes, this is exactly what i’m looking for. However, won’t there be problems if multiple automations running at the same time?

What I showed you happening in robomotion is the log per bot / agent, and so there is no problem if multiple automations running on multiple agent. Since in 1 agent / bot, only 1 automation can run at a time.

But if this won’t be a problem, then sure… auto-refresh would solve this REAL TIME monitoring issue.

When multiple agents are running you will see different lines here in the report so it will not be a problem.

Thanks for the question and highlighting this :slight_smile: Auto-refresh will help on this.

awesome, thank you very much! :partying_face: :pray: :pray: